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Ismet Prcica€™s brilliant, provocative, and propulsory energetic debut is about a young Bosnian, also named Ismet Prcic, who has fled his war-torn homeland and is now struggling to reconcile his past with his present life in California. He is advised that in order to make peace with the corrosive guilt he harbors over leaving behind his family behind, he must a€œwrite everything.a€ The result is a great rattlebag of memories, confessions, and fictions: sweetly humorous recollections of Ismeta€™s childhood in Tuzla appear alongside anguished letters to his mother about the challenges of life in this new world. As Ismeta€™s foothold in the present falls away, his writings are further complicated by stories from the point of view of another young mana€”real or imagineda€”named Mustafa, who joined a troop of elite soldiers and stayed in Bosnia to fight. When Mustafaa€™s story begins to overshadow Ismeta€™s new-world identity, the reader is charged with piecing together the fragments of a life that has become eerily unrecognizable, even to the one living it. Shards is a thrilling reada€”a harrowing war story, a stunningly inventive coming of age, and a heartbreaking saga of a splintered family.... so that when he was, the drill sergeant could instruct him in the ways of military hierarchy and make him an effective combatant, one ... The army doctor took a swig of plum brandy and told him that war was a giant piece of shit and that he, Mustafa, was a chunk of corn ... and one knife and was sent to the trenches with the regular army for a week, just to sample what war had to offer, to read the manualanbsp;...

Author:Ismet Prcic
Publisher:Grove/Atlantic, Inc. - 2011-10-04


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