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DK Eyewitness Shark is a visually stunning guide to some of the most fascinating and mysterious creatures in the ocean. Amazing photographs of great whites, hammerheads and even shark artefacts offer your child a unique qeyewitnessq view of these incredible fish. From how a shark detects its prey, to inside the mouth of a fearsome Great White: let your child discover all about the most awesome animals on the planet, their behaviour and secret underwater lives. Great for projects or just for fun, make sure your child learns everything they need to know about Sharks. Find out more and download amazing clipart images at tough skin can be NAPOLEON AND THE SHARK Sailors feared and disliked sharks. ... (1769a€“1821)watches ashark being killed, during his journey into exile on the remote Atlantic island of StHelena. turned into leather, the teeth into jewellery, the ... Misguided peoplethink that wearing shark tooth pendants make them look asfierce as agreatwhite. ... Shagreen a€“ rough, unpolished shark skin a€“ is used as an Outside of each door decorated with double SHARK REMAINS These twoanbsp;...

Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Ltd - 2011-07-01


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