Shatter – me you do not get?!

Shatter – me you do not get?!

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Manuel Mutschenko finds his dream in wrestling and mixed martial arts. His most idols are FreiheitskAcmpfer.Es much it is forbidden. Manuel Mutschenko is not afraid of the Mafia and the Masons, who declare him an enemy and can not be suppressed. Manuel Mutschenko proposes a dangerous path with a loss, because it is for independence. The Mafia and the Freemasons are trying to achieve that Manuel Mutschenko fails at its goals. Manuel Mutschenko not flinch, and makes it his rival heavier.Manuel thought it a pity not to have the opportunity to say thank you. Mika rejoiced when they were at home with him and finally were able to watch his longawaited film of Huckleberry Finn. When they ... Manuel Martin asked how long it will go. Martin asked him to ... With the play button the movie started and he turned quickly to stop and asked him where Mika wanted to sit down, and Mika sat on the sofa.

Title:Shatter – me you do not get?!
Author:Manuel Mutter
Publisher:epubli - 2014-09-24


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