Shattered Family

Shattered Family

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Shattered Family Shattered Family is the true story of both a direct and extended family and others impacted by a number of real-life sociopath and/or sociopath type predators/abusers. This book describes such predatora€™s thought patterns (what is known of them), behaviors, scams, plots and various abuses in detailed form as well as the typical personality traits of both the predators and their victims. Some of this book is presented in journal or memoir form while other portions are in essay and list form. This book is a great asset for victims, support persons for victims, family members and others. This is particularly true since Shattered Family describes forms of abuse most would not be able to comprehend exist, such as the sociopatha€™s predatora€™s ability to successfully use law enforcement and others in authority to abuse his victims and exercise complete control over his victim(s) life/lives. This book additionally offers a long real-life movie list as visual aid support. A must read for victims and those who wish to help victims of the sociopath and/or sociopath type abuser. Some Reviews: a€œThis is a rare book of raw scalding material regarding an unknown reality of abuse and the abuse cycle that occurs within what Savannah Rain refers to as the a€œInner-circle.a€ This honestly IS a must read book.a€ G.Y. a€œAn imperfect person, as we all are, writes the truth as it truly is. The unheard of yet very real behaviors of sociopaths and what they do behind the scenes. Victims check out this book and see that you are not alone.a€ T.J. a€œFinally! Someone has the guts to tell it like it is! I previewed this book and recommend it for all adults in societies all over the world. The get a clue wake up call is finally here. a€œ J.M. a€œA raw book with no sugar coating for the victims of sociopath Is. An unusually intuitive directly honest author setting the record straight for many victims of predators who heartlessly commit similar abuses every day.a€ K.R. a€œIt Is really not the Twilight Zone. These predators do this stuff. Wake up America and smell the garbage so many ignorant and uncaring minions are supporting. Savannah Rain spells it out in graphic detail that is sometimes hard to read and I Im sure impossible to believe unless you Ive lived it and some of us have. So we know it is horrifyingly real. I recommend this book to victims and professionals who come into contact with victims in the worst ongoing moments of those victim Is lives. What I may have been spared if I Id read this book many years ago.a€ Survivor, no name for the public. a€œI have previewed Rain Is book and found it to be enlightening and scary. I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for the signs and evaluating my life a little more carefully now. Some things have happened to me, in my relationship that never happened before in my 35 years in this world. I thought may have him manipulating things because of what I was told by others. Now I am more sure. No rash moves, but I am thinking about what I have been through, seen and heard.a€ By J.M. a€œThis book is a double fisted sucker punch-out that never stops hitting and hitting home with every page. The harsh reality of the life of a sociopath Is victim profoundly described.a€ C.H. a€œyay! Kudos to you for reaching out with the truth! if EVERYONE knew about narcissism and sociopaths they would avoid them and maybe the world would be rid of them!a€ By Kat... of the ruins from August 2008 through Sept/13/2008 plus the extra four days thereafter as would ever be possible (the repair wouldna#39;t be perfect, ... I landed the job on the spot and then I signed the purchase agreement on my new car, which was a 2007 Dodge Caliber. ... It was a relief to get regular paychecks for the work Ia#39;d done without problems and to be treated with respect while at work every day.

Title:Shattered Family
Author:Savannah Rain
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-02-07


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