Sheltered by God

Sheltered by God

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On April 27, 2011 sixty two tornadoes touched down in Alabama claiming two hundred and fifty three innocent lives. One of those tornadoes, an EF5 that tracked across Northern Alabama and into Tennessee, killed seventy people over a 132 mile path. Jennifer Pitts Adair, alone in her Capshaw home, huddled under blankets and pillows in her master bathroom closet as the massive tornado ripped her home apart around her. When it finally ended nothing remained except for the foundation Jennifer lay on and a pile of rubble surrounding her. For the next year she documented her family's journey. Through her personal journal Jennifer invites us into the life of one survivor during the first year of recovery.Running is the only true stress relief Ia#39;ve ever found. After the storm, running became even more important. I ran during pregnancy to keep my stress down for myself and our baby. Ia#39;d never do anything to hurt this baby. I did what I felt was best.

Title:Sheltered by God
Author:Jennifer Pitts Adair
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08


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