Sheltered Love

Sheltered Love

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Boone Fairway worked hard to buy her own bar and now reaps the benefits. Shea€™s a partier and loves the different women she meets at the bar. When she meets Grey Dawson, she hopes shea€™ll be one in her string of women. Grey has different ideas. She works at a domestic abuse shelter and feels that bars are a main contributor of abuse. When Boonea€™s sister-in-law shows up at Boonea€™s bar, beaten by her husband, Boone turns to Grey for help. They work together to help Phoebe and begin a budding relationship. The relationship is strained by Boonea€™s drinking and the bar, which Grey has a hard time accepting as just a social gathering point.Both women were raised in abusive environments and work hard to overcome their fears and insecurities to make the relationship work.Youa#39;ll find someone who really loves the sweet and wonderful person you are and whoa#39;d never dream of doing this to you. ... Tannera#39;s got a screw loose to do this to you. ... She sat on a bar stool to watch the Mariners playing the Yankees.

Title:Sheltered Love
Author:MJ Williamz
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2015-07-20


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