She's Gone Bridal!

She's Gone Bridal!

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Don't Lose Your Head on Her Big Day! Welcome to the Bridal Zone, an alternate universe where logic and reason cease to exist, and wedding madness rules. So what's a girl to do when her BFF turns into a BFH (Bride from Hell) and is determined to take everyone down with her? In this lifesaving book your very own PBT--Personal Bridal Therapist--will guide you through the nine stages of life with the bride-to-be. 1. Denial: Is she really marrying him? 2. Diagnosis: Early detection of qbridezillaq behavior 3. Masquerading: Playing the part of qgoodq friend 4. Anger: Managing meltdowns without having to say you're sorry 5. Transference: Reap the benefits of the bride without all the fuss! 6. Fixation: Stop obsessing over her wedding! 7. Family Therapy: There really is someone worse than your relatives 8. Catharsis: How to create wedding well-being on the big day 9. Withdrawal: What to do when the invitations stop coming qA must-read for any BFF, friend or family member likely to be pulled into the bridal tornado.q --Leslie Milk, author of It's Her Wedding But I'll Cry If I Want To qWise and compassionate advice. . .will make you laugh through your tears. . .q --Anne Goldfield, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist Liz Razin knows all too well the plight of the bridal attendant, having been a bridesmaid eight times and a maid of honor four. Inspired by the trauma of bridesmaiddom, she used the psychology skills she honed at Tufts University to write She's Gone Bridal! Liz's work has appeared in The Boston Phoenix, Stuff@Night magazine, and the Associated Press. Currently, she is a partner at a New York advertising agency and lives dangerously close to Bloomingdale's. . .where she gets many of her bridesmaid dresses.All you have to do is ask yourself, a€œWhat does my bride like to do? ... Once youa#39;ve come up with your answer, youa#39;ve got your bridal shower theme, and youa#39;ve got yourself in her graces for the rest of ... And the perfect gift for the BTB: ask each attendee to purchase a funky nail polish color and write a quick story about whyanbsp;...

Title:She's Gone Bridal!
Author:Liz Razin
Publisher:Kensington Publishing Corp. - 2009-04-01


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