Shoplifting From American Apparel

Shoplifting From American Apparel

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Set mostly in Manhattana€”although also featuring Atlantic City, Brooklyn, GMail Chat, and Gainsville, Floridaa€”this autobiographical novella, spanning two years in the life of a young writer with a cultish following, has been described by the author as a€œA shoplifting book about vague relationships, a€ a€œ2 parts shoplifting arrest, 5 parts vague relationship issues, a€ and a€œAn ultimately life-affirming book about how the unidirectional nature of time renders everything beautiful and sad.a€ From VIP rooms in hip New York City clubs to central booking in Chinatown, from New York Universitya€™s Bobst Library to a bus in someonea€™s backyard in a college-town in Florida, from Bret Easton Ellis to Lorrie Moore, and from Moby to Ghost Mice, it explores class, culture, and the arts in all their American forms through the funny, journalistic, and existentially-minded narrative of someone trying to both a€œnot be a bad persona€ and a€œfind some kind of happiness or something, a€ while he is driven by his failures and successes at managing his art, morals, finances, relationships, loneliness, confusion, boredom, future, and depression.a€œHow much were the earphones?a€ he said to Sam. ... a€œFrom American Apparel. ... a€œIa#39;m at the police station on Fifth Street, can you come get my bag? If you dona#39;t come thata#39;s okay. If you come you can eat the grapes in the bag. Theya#39;re organic.

Title:Shoplifting From American Apparel
Author:Tao Lin
Publisher:Melville House - 2010-12-29


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