Short Jabs to the Head

Short Jabs to the Head

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In Short Jabs to the Head, the jabs are my words (each 1000, more or less) after being rope-a-doped on the Internet, and now aimed at your head, hoping to make an impact. I don't expect a knock-out every time-but I'm hoping Left Hooks, are essays and stories of the leftward persuasion, hoping to achieve the same objective. Short Jabs to the Head should give you detailed close-ups of various aspects of the Bush Administration, like looking through someone's photo album who lived it. No Storm Troopers here, no Gestapo, no Sturm und Drang. In America, fascism creeps in on little cats' feet. But bit by bit Constitutional guarantees are erased by our sterling leader and his immoral shysters, more and more of them in secret signings under the claimed cover of National Security. And every day more government malfeasance is revealed (albeit reluctantly) by the timid media, Congressional investigations blocked with no or little outcry. How much longer can we stand it? This White House doesn't give a damn about written law. No, they just make their own, just as they claim to make their own reality. Worried? You damn well should be.Before the war ended, we had the 1973 oil crisisa€”a quadrupling of oil prices by OPEC and high government spendinga€”a war and ... Not only did the Ayatollahs seize American hostages but they also skyrocketed the price of oil. ... The collapse of the Thai currency inflicted damage on many of the Asian economies. An earlyanbsp;...

Title:Short Jabs to the Head
Author:Stephen Fleischman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-09


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