Short Sale

Short Sale

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Short Sale: Save Your Credit. How I survived a Short Sale and the valuable lessons I have to share. In this book I answer all of the following questions about the Short Sale process plus more. Q - Short Sales, how do they work? Q - What does Short Sale mean? Q - How does the bank affect a Short Sale? Q - What is the difference between a Short Sale vs Foreclosure? Q - What is better, a Short Sale or a Foreclosure? Q - Who pays the closing costs in a Short Sale? I have tried my best to share what I learned through my experience in having gone through a Short Sale. It was a tiring, difficult, stressful, and sometimes demanding process... but being on the qother sideq now having done a Short Sale was the best financial decision that I have ever made in my life! To your success if you choose to Short Sale your home. Robert MantonSave Your Credit Robert Manton ... Whereas since my Short Sale was a standard Short Sale my second mortgage company got as much as they were able to negotiate for which was $23, 600. ... The second denial really hurt because it cost me $3, 000 or at least ... So be very aware of what is going on and who is asking for what because the best negotiators will get the most or at least a larger percentageanbsp;...

Title:Short Sale
Author:Robert Manton
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-05-14


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