Shot Through the Heart

Shot Through the Heart

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Linda Porter, the author of Angels: Beings of Light, has returned, along with her merry band of angels known as Us.This time the tale is so mystical, so seemingly mythological, that you would swear it is a fictional account. But it is not. It is a story about finding the Light in unexpected places and in unexpected faces-a chronicle of one woman's journey further into the Light than she could ever have imagined.When describing her unusual journey, Linda says, qI believe that God creates the path that is best suited to each of us. I acknowledge that God frequently has to take me off the beaten path, and even though I don't always understand the ways of others, I try to honor them. Who am I to disagree?qJoin her as she chronicles her ongoing spiritual journey with entries as varied as Wrestling with Angels, Speaking from the Heart, Vampires as a Path to God, The Light, Moving Beyond the Pain, The Dalai Lama, and more. Most are accompanied with angelic commentaries, of course. This story could not have been written without them.You might want to fasten your seat belt. The angels have promised qa wild ride, but a safe and loving journey.q Enjoy! Indulge! Learn! Cover design by Matt Porter. For more information please email info@mathewporter.infoGod can, and does, find you wherever you are. ... Upon discovering the show, I was able to purchase every episode on iTunes and watch it back to back, several episodes a day. Hey ... Because of the screenwritersa#39; strike, only 10 episodes had aired, with just two more completed and no concrete information about its fiiture.

Title:Shot Through the Heart
Author:Linda Porter
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-07


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