Shotgun Start

Shotgun Start

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Neal Egan's life has reached the tipping point. When the former cop turned golf hustler's beautiful and manipulative ex-wife is accused in the brutal shotgun slaying of her washed-up action movie star lover and becomes a fugitive from justice, Neal is hired by her wealthy and powerful father to track her down. Suspected by the police as an accomplice and tormented by the explosive end of his turbulent marriage Neal fears success; finding Desiree Diaz means confronting his own unresolved feelings about her and facing his profound guilt about his relationship with his own family. Aided by his friends: an eccentric recording studio owner and information broker, a brilliant renegade computer hacker, and a roly-poly lothario of a private investigator, he tries to reconcile his memory of Dez with the overwhelming evidence that she is a cold-blooded killer. His quest leads him into a violent world of methamphetamine-stoked bikers, Mexican Mafia thugs, and twisted internet pornography. To find his way out, he must put everything on the line: his freedom, his self-respect, and the love of the woman who has long been his loyal friend and roommate. A novel of suspense, mystery, betrayal and redemption, Shotgun Start plays out in the sun-baked high desert of New Mexico and in the seamy underbelly of its largest city, Albuquerque.When I returned home about six for a shower and change of clothes, I noticed Rorya#39;s battered turquoise-tinted VW was absent from the driveway. Either shea#39;d run ... I hung around for a while, then left a note on her door saying Ia#39;d be around the next day and wanted to talk. A stuffed ... I turned away just as she was about to dry hump a highly polished aluminum pole that joined floor with ceiling. Thank Godanbsp;...

Title:Shotgun Start
Author:Mike Nettleton
Publisher:Krill Press - 2011-10-01


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