Show Low

Show Low

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After being wounded in Iraq and medically discharged from the Special Forces, young VINCE ROBERTS, 28 year old son of a wealthy and highly visible Virginia family, escapes from the trappings of wealth, power, politics and a cheating fiancAc to do what he wants - which is to see this country in its purest form.Alexandria Duval 38 year old widow and heir to 350 acres of pristine Arizona ranchland, realizes that the repairs on the land are more then she can do by herself, so she sets out to find a ranch hand to help her. She finds and hires the young athletic 6'1q, 185# hitchhiker. Sweat flows; heat builds and the tensions gets hotter. After-work swims do little to cool off awakened desires. When Vince is forced to step in as protector between her and the towns crooked land developer, lines are soon crossed. Not recommended for ages 17 or underI want you to turn around, just like we are old friends and I want you to walk back to your store, unlock the door and turn off the alarm. You, me and my buddy here are going to pick out some nice clothes for us to wear. Now did you understandanbsp;...

Title:Show Low
Author:G. Allen Clark - 2010-03-03


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