Showdown at Evil High

Showdown at Evil High

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Sixteen-year-old Australian, Killara Jones, is the chosen onea€”for all the wrong reasons. A lone psychic in the sleepy town of Khalija, North Dakota, he is a self-proclaimed freak who can see angels, demons, and a lot of other things in between. Unbeknownst to him, his talents are a means to an end. His death has been foretolda€”he is a crucial element in the war between Heaven and Hella€”until a fallen angel named Sullivan steps in. With Killara very much alive, he and Sullivan must break an ancient pact, stop Killaraa€™s classmates from selling their souls, and prevent the Gates of Hell from opening again. Bad angels, good demons, and a teenager who just wants to survive. Only by believing in themselves and working together, can this team of misfits restore the balance and save their town. Will they succeed? Or watch as all hell breaks loose, forcing them into a Showdown at Evil High?KUDOS FOR SHOWDOWN AT EVIL HIGH In Showdown at Evil High by Christine Wall, Killara Jones is supposed to die, ... There are a lot ofgreat scenes in the book as Killara, Sullivan, and their band of misfits struggle to save their town byanbsp;...

Title:Showdown at Evil High
Author:Christine Wall
Publisher:BlackOpalBooks - 2013-10-26


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