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Jordan Winston and her friend Sandra are small business owners from Ohio who are in Mexico for a much-needed vacation when a shrink-wrapped bale of what appears to be marijuana washes up at their feet on a private beach. The two women, thinking no one is watching, take it--and set off a wave of events and consequences that they could never have imagined. Now Mexican drug runners are after them--even if they are accident-prone, bumbling, underachieving wannabes.Jordan and Sandra hire a sailboat and a captain to take them--and their package--from Mexico to Key West, the drug runners attempt to kill them and sink the boat. After they are saved by their handsome captain, Tom-- who also happens to be a rogue DEA agent--he takes them to hide out in his secluded cabin. But when a drug cartel informant becomes a crocodile's lunch and Jordan's cat is murdered back home, their sleuthing group suddenly grows as an Indian medicine man and a couple of senior citizens join up to help them battle the drug runners. Amid gun battles, jail breaks, and chicken attacks, love blooms.In this zany adventure, only time will tell if this strange group can triumph. One thing is certain, though: they won't go down without a fight.Soon the road turned from gravel to dirt and got narrower. Then he smelled it. Marijuana. That unmistakable skunk smell. ... But what was he going to do now? ... Victor sneaked up and looked in the car; keys were dangling in the ignition.

Author:P. J. Schock
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-03


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