Shurik'en the Super Ninja

Shurik'en the Super Ninja

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Save 15% Off On Our Winter SALE Order Now!! Since Mac Mathews was twelve years old, he knew he would never be normal again. A boy with EM powers caused by a freak accident and the only way he would be able to control these strange powers would be to immerse himself in his Grandfather's 'Bujinkan' Program in the dark martial arts and way of the Ninja! Little did Mac know that in less than ten years he would be forced to save a beautiful woman from certain peril at the hands of some of the most dangerous individuals that ever walked this earth! In the near future he would fall in love and be called upon and enlisted in a secret new 'Spook Organization' in extreme 'Counter Terrorist Intelligence created by the Pentagon itself know only as the H.I.F. or the High Intelligence Force.However, he did many simulated tests back at his lab to control the output of the electrical discharge by regulating it to a tazer gun output before he installed the system in his Bugatti. He would put the system in all the rest of the vehicles now.

Title:Shurik'en the Super Ninja
Author:Reg. D. Lyons
Publisher:S.A.G.A. Publications A Div. of Movie Manga Arts Co. - 2013-05-22


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