Shut Up and Listen!

Shut Up and Listen!

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Praise and Reviews `Cary Cooper has taught me a lot about communication - this book is a bonus!` Shirley Conran `A though subject, tackled in a fascinating and entertaining way, offering an insight into some of the top managerial minds in business today` Emma Worthington, Series Editor, BBC In a no-nonsense way Shut Up and Listen! tackles the nuts and bolts of communication at work with startling honesty and an avalanche of practical tips. The author's views are supported by comment from and impressive line-up of experts, whose communication strategies drive a range of successful organizations, such as Microsoft, the BBC, Nokia, Arsenal FC, Sainsbury's, HSBC and the Samaritans. Shut Up and Listen! has something for all those who face the difficult challenge of making themselves heard in a multi-delivery-channel business world - whether trying to negotiate a pay rise or struggling to put the WOW factor into a presentation. So if you're fed up of the fads and fashions of commercial life then take a trip back to basics. This isn't coalface, it's the coal!Well, I wrote some letters on my computer and sent them to other peoplea#39;s computersa#39; a€“ satisfied with this explanation I sat back. After a pause, he said: a#39; Daddy, why didna#39;t you just e-mail them?a#39; Sadly, the speed of uptake of e-mail has only been matched by the speed of abuse of it. ... is a virtually instantaneous method of communication, ita#39;s amazing how it can slow down any process or decision making.

Title:Shut Up and Listen!
Author:Theo Theobald
Publisher:Kogan Page Publishers - 2005-02-01


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