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Whether we are conscious of it or not, the universe is communicating to us through signs. Native peoples have always known how to interpret these powerful messages, but with the development of technology and the increasing stress of our modern lives, we have become more and more removed from our connection to the earth and from our inner wisdom. We have lost our ability to decipher the signs that surround us and that appear in our dreams, and we are largely unable to tap in to our innate intuition. Drawing on her Cherokee Indian heritage and her experience with the native tribes of Africa, Australia and New Zealand, international healer Denise Linn helps us to reconnect with the magic of our inner selves so that we may properly interpret these signs and the true meanings of our dreams - and make the right decisions and choices in our lives. Including a comprehensive dictionary of signs and dreams for ease of reference, SIGNPOSTS is essential reading for anyone who wishes to truly hear the `whispers of the universe'.The signs of your culture can appear to you. even if you dona#39;t believe in them, because they are ingrained in the psyche ... It is nor uncommon for someone who has been removed from their heritage or adopted into another tradition to retain a anbsp;...

Author:Denise Linn
Publisher:Random House - 2008-09-26


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