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When the US Federal Witness Protection Program fails to protect a star witness, a tough female former prosecutor risks her life to get answers in international bestselling author Campbell Armstronga€™s high-stakes thriller Reuben Galindeza€™s testimony helped put away brutal arms smuggler Angel Sanchez, and he thought the trial would be the last time hea€™d ever have to deal with Sanchez again. Of course Sancheza€™s organization was looking for him, but Galindez wasna€™t alone; he had the US government, the FBI, and the Witness Protection Program to keep him safe. When Galindeza€™s body is found floating face-down in the river, riddled with bullets, former state prosecutor Amanda Scholes, who believed shea€™d put Sanchez in jail forever, is determined to find out what went wrong. Did the witness reveal his identity and leave the program? Did someone from inside Sancheza€™s organization track down Galindez? Or is his death the result of something far more insidious? Has someone managed to infiltrate the fortresslike security surrounding the program in order to exact revenge?a#39;Oh sure, he calls the shots, all right, but wea#39;re the ones do the actual shooting, Bruno. You dona#39;t see Tony ... a#39;No, a#39; Pasquale said, working the segment of map between his fingers. Then he ... Next, brushes his teeth with Sensodyne. Alwaysanbsp;...

Author:Campbell Armstrong
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-04-21


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