Silvas Moves to Barton

Silvas Moves to Barton

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Sylvester Roland's friends called him Silvas, at six foot two and one-half, he is a big man. Solid muscle, he has large hands and knows how to use them. He is ruggedly good looking with short, dusty blond hair, steel blue eyes and a soft but deep voice. Silvas had joined the Navy after he graduated high school in 1964. He was tough as nails and became a Navy SEAL; he fought in Nam, served his country for 20 years, and retired a Commander. When Silvas retired the CIA Clandestine Service recruited him. For almost a quarter of a century Silvas fought the Colombian drug cartels. In 2007 with Colombian commandos, he found Juan Leon Montoya Valdez. Valdez, the head of the largest drug cartel in South America, died from a gunshot wound to the heart. Silvas was there before the commandos saw Valdez, Silvas shot and killed him, and took $5, 000, 000. Silvas had leave and headed home to Arizona. After returning home he had a complete mental breakdown. Silvas spent two years at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Psychiatric Unit. Following his release he now needs a change of scenery. Silvas decides on Barton, Vermont a place where he can hunt and fish to his heart's content. Barton is more than a place to fish his cares away; it becomes the place Silvas finds the love of his life. The nightmare he has lived most of his life is over, he can pass the time with the woman who steals his heart. When the Valdez Family uncovers Sylvester's identity and plans to murder him, he is saved by his sixth sense. Now Silvas will have no choice but to return to the nightmare he thought he left. This time he will have to cut off the serpent's head.Ia#39;ll tell you what, I know how much all the work that was done on this boat cost him , and what something is worth to some people is different than ... If you dona#39;t mind, I think I am going to name my new boat The Andrew, so every time I go out fishing I will be thinking of you. ... Andy Garret looked at Silvasa#39; card, and then looked up at him and told him that Troy would help him hitch the boat trailer to his car.

Title:Silvas Moves to Barton
Author:Earl Slapowski
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-05


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