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A horror novel set in the year-round restaurant industry of Jacksonville, Florida. This story revolves around three men whose lives and careers intertwine in the nature of the hospitality industry. They deal with their jobs, girlfriends, and their side pursuits as the story rushes along to it's climax. A horror story at heart, Silvertongue is still relevant to readers looking for something with humor, pain, love, and loss. The three men cope with the curveballs of life in their own unique ways, as one becomes a vigilante to deal with his stress at work, another becomes an agent for a company involved in a secret war with a rival, and the last of them escapes a true death only to force his soul into the body of a zombie-like rogue agent for the former's rival company. Deftly weaving between all three storylines, Silvertongue manages in 156 pages to provide an action-oritned thrill ride through what would seem to be an otherwise mundane subject.Glen told me afore he left this mornina#39; that I was to warn you what I know bout these showers here, if I seen ya in time. ... The entire shower area was set up as a bunch of door-less stalls with only metal walls on the left and right for any privacy.

Author:Damon C. Jones
Publisher:Damon C Jones - 2011-10-05


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