Simon, Friends, and the Kidnapper

Simon, Friends, and the Kidnapper

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In the second book in the Dreamville series, thirteen-year-old Simon Dreamleea€™s life has returned to normal Dreamvillian standards after he and his friends Jilla MusiDream, Almont Alldream, and Rino DreamScifi finally manage to restore Dreamvillea€™s deep dark secrets and save Dreamvillians dreams. Life is peaceful once again in the small town of Dreamville, where artistic, scientific, and imaginative people dressed in colorful clothing roam the streets and their dreams always come true. As Simon and his friends receive their royal invitations to King RAcgimand DreamRoyal and Miss LossDreama€™s wedding nuptials, Simon is still observing the house on the hill through his telescope and notices bizarre changes in the gargoyle statues that surround the home. When he notes the statues are shifting ever so slightly with each of his observations, Simon suspects something odd is about to occur. After Jilla MusiDream is kidnapped and cannot be found, Simona€™s dreams begin again and convince him that the gargoyle statues kidnapped his friend. Simona€™s quest to save Jilla leads him and his friends out of the comfort of Dreamville into the forbidden outsidera€™s world of Newville, where Miss DreamNot makes another appearance to ensure Simon never saves Dreamville again.Iguessyou didna#39;treally notice seeing howyou concentrated on your dream blocker position.a€ Simon says, a€œYeah, I guess.a€ Almont says, a€œWell whata#39;s socool that you have to show me?a€ Almont opens the back door togo inside Simona#39;s house.

Title:Simon, Friends, and the Kidnapper
Author:R. E. Brémaud
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-11-30


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