Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions

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Simple Solutions: For Planet Earth is a scientific book written in a popular style for the average reader. You have read about Peak Oil and Global Climate Warming, and complained about $4/gallon gasoline, but how really serious are these headlines and annoyances? The author has worked his entire career on: the science, technology, education, administration and politics of these subjects, and crystallizes this complex field into understandable elements, providing simple solutions for humanity. Does it make sense for the renewable energy budget of the Federal Government to be about $1 billion/year when: o Annual tax incentives and government programs for the oil industry are supposedly in the range between $38 billion and $115 billion, although Lester Brown says $210 billion in 2005. o Farm subsidies alone in 2004 cost taxpayers $16.2 billion. o Our country spends $12 billion a month, or $144 billion/year, on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, ostensibly to protect oil, only to raise prices. The authora€™s long experience with the Greenhouse Effect has led him to believe that methane, not carbon dioxide, could well be the critical gas of concern, for there is potential for global warming to cascade into, what he terms, the Venus Syndrome. The closing chapter speculates on a hypothesis regarding mega-tsunamis (100 meter waves) from landslides. While simple solutions are suggested, the problem is the inability of our civilization to agree on a workable strategy, which is further weakened by the lack of will on part of the general populace. Thus, the reader is urged to help make that crucial difference. Instructions and examples are provided on how to attain Rainbow Vision to carry out this mission for a better Planet Earth. The simplest solution is for everyone to join in on the effort.There was some follow-up corroboration from Michael Keller of the U.S. Department of Agriculturea#39;s Forest Service, who said that while their study has not yet been published, this paper ... If global warming occurs, the methane associated with frozen tundra will begin to enter the atmosphere at higher levels. ... Well, in my case, I finally got a Samsung in 2006, but that was more to keep my schedule.

Title:Simple Solutions
Author:Patrick Kenji Takahashi
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-08-30


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