Simple Solutions for Humanity

Simple Solutions for Humanity

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Book 1, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth, dealt with energy and the environment. SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity provides ultimate answers for our society and beyond. Ever wonder if there could ever be a way to end crime and war forever, or the prospects for immortality, or a better educational system, or the reality of extraterrestrial intelligence, or the future of religion? If all the above can be satisfactorily resolved, then, just in case there is no afterlife, where is the best place to live on Earth today? Simple solutions, of course, are hardly that. How to end crime? What about three strikes and you're dead! Sure this should work, but it's not morally rational. The solution to war is incredibly simple. Just read the book and find out how. Scientists are getting very close to determining a way to disarm our aging gene. When will this happen? Our educational system is flawed. Be prepared to be shocked by the Stanford Marshmallow Study. Then find out that our terrible student scores relative to the developed world might not be worth all the anguish. The USA will prevail because of our superiority in.... Could the solution for world peace or curing cancer be streaming in from space? The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence could someday soon detect what would be the most monumental discovery since the invention of God. How can religion overcome the immorality of purporting to promise an afterlife WITHOUT ANY PROOF? A Golden Evolution is suggested. Are you one of those who largely wasted your life looking out only for yourself, family and friends? Could there be a higher calling? You, too, can make a positive difference. Rainbow Vision is explained to equip you with the tools to help save Planet Earth and Humanity.President George W. Bush again made WMD popular in the 2003 Iraq invasion. ... and the largest A-bomb possible (Little Boy as much as 0.000015 MT and Fat Boy 0.000022MT) is less than 1 MT. ... the Al Qaeda website on the subject, containing 80 pages of detail, because that manual was not made available until 2005.

Title:Simple Solutions for Humanity
Author:Patrick Kenji Takahashi
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-02-29


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