Simula Research Laboratory

Simula Research Laboratory

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When researchers gather around lunch tables, at conferences, or in bars, there are some topics that are more or less compulsory. The discussions are about the ho- less management of the university or the lab where they are working, the lack of funding for important research, politiciansa€™ inability to grasp the potential of a p- ticularly promising ?eld, and the endless series of committees that seem to produce very little progress. It is common to meet excellent researchers claiming that they have almost no time to do research because writing applications, lecturing, and - tending to committee work seem to take most of their time. Very few ever come into a position to do something about it. With Simula we have this chance. We were handed a considerable annual grant and more or less left to ourselves to do whatever we thought would produce the best possible results. We wanted to create a place where researchers could have the time and conditions necessary to re?ect over dif?cult problems, uninterrupted by mundane dif?culties; where doctoral students could be properly supervised and learn the craft of research in a well-organized and professional manner; and where entrepreneurs could ?nd professional support in developing their research-based - plications and innovations.of gamers who play online has passed 44 per cent in 2006, and the current number of MMOG players is estimated at 17 ... Early studies aimed at creating traffic models that could be combined with models for streaming media and download traffic ... Examples include the FPS game CounterStrike that researchers at Portland ... We divided a 1.6 GB trace into individual client-server conversations, or flows.

Title:Simula Research Laboratory
Author:Aslak Tveito, Are Magnus Bruaset, Olav Lysne
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-10-22


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