Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours

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Suave and Sincere have a solid relationship and all all that comes with a luxurious lifestyle. They live the ultimate ghetto fabulous romance until one late night Suave, by force makes a decision that costs him his freedom. Their lives change right before their eyes. He's shipped off to prison, leaving him no choice but to leave his worldly possessions and his lavish lifestyle behind. What he's not prepared to leave behind, is the love of his life, Sincere. He continuously asks himself the most hated question known to man. Will she get weak, and search for companionship to fill the empty space in her lonely heart or will she rein SINCERELY YOURS?Hea#39;s actually turning over a million dollar connect. a€œWhy me?a€ he asks. a€œCause, you a real nigga. I like your style. I just ask you one thing.a€ a€œWhata#39;s that, a€ Suave questions. a€œIf you plug in to him, make sure you hit me off. Dona#39;t forget me. Tightenanbsp;...

Title:Sincerely Yours
Author:Al-Saadiq Banks
Publisher:True 2 Life Publications - 2004-06-14


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