Sister-In-Law Free with Wife

Sister-In-Law Free with Wife

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Sister-in-law free with wife is a comedy novel. Quick Dollars is a man who wants to earn dollars the easy way by fooling people. He has a servant name Cents. Quick Dollars gives Cents all the dirty work and problems of his life, who handles it in a comical way. Quick Dollars is trapped by a girl name Penny Wise. Quick Dollars marries Penny Wise by signing a document thinking he will get a sister-in-law free with his wife plus thousands of dollars. Penny Wise is a very cunning girl and she traps Quick Dollars to take care of her and her family. Penny Wise's family members are low down skunks. One after another, Penny Wise's family members come to visit Penny Wise and create havoc in Quick Dollars' life. Cents and Quick Dollars play tricks on them and drive the family members out of the house. Then Penny Wise thinks that she can't handle Quick Dollars, so she takes help of three ugly ladies who are their neighbors. The three ugly ladies, who are always hungry for dollars take help from a girl named Loose Knot to trap Quick Dollars in their web. The three ugly ladies and Loose Knot try to squeeze dollars out of Quick Dollars but..A dog is tied to a wheel chair, a old lady is sitting on the wheel chair, the dog crosses a road, and the lady pats the dog on the head, the dog waves his tail, Loan Banks looks at his dog; the dog licks the face of Loan Banks, on the television the show comes to an end, ... the floor for his dog, he makes an action with his hand to his dog to eat it, the dog jumps down from the sofa and starts eating the pizza, anbsp;...

Title:Sister-In-Law Free with Wife
Author:Farokh Rustomji Kharas
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-04-01


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