Skateboarder Steve Stops Falling Down

Skateboarder Steve Stops Falling Down

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Steven Bryans has been having a rough day. Then again, every day is rough when the entire world hates you. Steven thinks life can't get any worse after he is picked on by his teacher, sent to the principal's office and then yelled at by his father. He was wrong. When Steven bails out at the local Singapore skating competition, he's left with a choice - continue down the path of failure or start making some changes. R.L. 3.2 Ages 7-12A show was what they were going to get. The next 90 seconds I went into a daze. Every trick I tried worked perfectly. I didna#39;t even have to think about the steps. The board seemed to know exactly what I wanted it to do. After I pulled a heelflipanbsp;...

Title:Skateboarder Steve Stops Falling Down
Author:Eric Burnett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-04-01


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