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Does Samantha deserve to live her dream? Samantha drove the car that killed her dad. Now racked with guilt, the 17-year-old girl racer dedicates her life to becoming what her dad always planned her to be...a racing champion. Samantha sneaks into a private testing session and impresses the eccentric owner of a Formula One racing team who takes a chance on the crazy-talented teen girl. Manny doesna€™t like to create waves. His uncle owns the racing team, but the crew teases the boy like one of their own. Even the team manager orders him around like some intern. But thata€™s okay. Manny loves racing and dreams of designing his own race cars, even if he cana€™t ride in one due to his motion sickness. But Samantha came into his life. That girl who can make a 720 horsepower race car dance on the track. That girl whoa€™s not afraid to tell the boss to go kick himself. That girl who fights for a place on the team and never quits. Shea€™s amazing. But Ferrari legend Emilio Ronaldo isna€™t impressed with Wolert Porschea€™s new a€œexperimenta€ in racing. Emilio is a 7-time world champion. The best of the best. A driver with no equal. Emilio will not let some smart-ass girl keep him from taking what's always been his. To beat the best of the best, Samantha must take on the rain-slick curves of Spa. A track nestled in the lush Belgian forest of the Ardennes. A track with a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. A track notorious for killing race car drivers. Winning will make Samantha a legend. Losing will prove to the world that girls don't belong in race cars. Fans of Courtney Summers' strong female characters and those who love action-packed books like THE HUNGER GAMES should find SKID exciting and emotionally compelling. Fans of Ally Carter's HEIST SOCIETY series will enjoy the international settings and lifestyle. qDoug Solter is a wonderful writer and I really recommend this book to parents looking for appealing stories for their children that don't involve vampires.a€-- Nancy Bilyeau, bestselling author of The Crown and The Chalice a€œSamantha soon wormed her way into my heart and I found myself routing for her, both in love and in races. I could hardly put the book down and read it in less than two days.a€ - Jess from the UK a€œLoved, loved, loved this book! Samantha is such a strong character and a bit of a hot head which makes her seem real.a€ - Kate Tilton, YA Book Blogger a€œI got this book for my kids, I read it and thought it was fantastic. Samantha was a well developed teenage girl, emotional, irrational, hard headed, but sweet as pie.a€ - K. Radford Keywords: young adult romance, racing, formula 1, strong female lead, race car drivers, racing romance, strong female characters, racing in the rain, young adult books, auto racing romanceBut alas, Ia#39;m a poor Bavarian boy who can only offer you my heart, my devotion, and a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta. ... then go out the next set of doors that empty into the small garage where I find Samantha curled up on a cloth chair, reading some kind of manual. ... Still cana#39;t believe I vomited my lunch all over her brandnew car.

Author:Doug Solter
Publisher:Doug Solter - 2012-05-06


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