Skye Terrier

Skye Terrier

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Elegant and dignified, the Skye Terrier, named for the rugged Isle of Skye, stands tall among Scotlanda€™s a€œbelow the kneea€ terriers in character and courage. Few pure-bred dogs match the Skye Terrier in independence and liberal thinking, as this intelligent terrier has a mind of his own and a heart to share with his like-minded, well-informed keeper, who is not averse to a little humility in the training department. Although not a choice for the first-time dog owner, the Skye Terrier proves to be a loyal and devoted companion to those he loves. Likened to a caterpillar, the Skye has a look all his own, a€œlong, low and levela€ with a profuse coat that a€œfalls straight down either side of the body, a€ according to the breed standard. The Skye will most assuredly act like a Skye, delighting and challenging his ever-devoted master. Terrier breed expert and author, Muriel P. Lee provides an up-to-date look at the Skye Terrier, including the breeda€™s history in England and the United States as well as its character and breed standard. The author also details everything that a new owner needs to know about acquiring a well-bred Skye Terrier puppy, bringing him into a safe home and establishing a house-training and obedience regimen. In addition to the basics of everyday care, including feeding, grooming and exercise, this comprehensive guide also includes up-to-date information on healthcare, written by Dr. Lowell Ackerman, well-known Harvard lecturer and veterinarian. Lavishly illustrated, this excellent chapter on preventive healthcare advises owners on selecting a qualified veterinarian, controlling parasites, vaccinations and infectious diseases and more.With Walter grooming and handling, Miss Gesty became the first Americanbred Skye to win an allbreed Best in Show award. ... kennel of outstanding Skyes were the talk of the town, and they were tough competition in any Group or Best in Show line up. ... Skye, a son of Miss Gesty, was Am./Fr./Int. Ch. Glamoor Going Up, 18time Group winner and a Best in Show dog. ... became champions and included Best in Show winners Ch. Glamoor Good News, the victor at Westminster in 1969, anbsp;...

Title:Skye Terrier
Author:Muriel P. Lee
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-09-25


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