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In a democracy that for over 200 years has prided itself on public participation and citizen involvement in government, thousands have been and will be the targets of multi-million-dollar lawsuits. They will be sued for such qall-Americanq activities as circulating a petition, writing a letter to the editor, testifying at a public hearing, reporting violations of the law, filing an official complaint, lobbying for legislation, or otherwise communicating their views. Such cases, named qStrategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, q with their apropos acronym, SLAPPs, are a shocking abuse of one of our most basic political rights - the Right to Petition. So extensive and grievous is the phenomenon that Justice Nicholas Colabella remarked, qShort of a gun to the head, a greater threat to First Amendment expression can scarcely be imagined.qGeorge W. Pring and Penelope Canan explore the full range of SLAPP stories in this first study of SLAPPs - retaliatory lawsuits by real estate developers; teachers; police; politicians; opponents of civil rights; consumers' rights; women's rights; and many others. This comprehensive book examines what happens to the targets of SLAPPs and what is happening to public participation in American politics. Addressing the ultimate dilemma - what can be done to turn the tables and fight back - Pring and Canan offer concrete, well-supported, balanced solutions for preventing, managing, and curing SLAPPs at all levels of government. Author note: George W. Pring is Professor of Law at the University of Denver. gPgPenelope Canan is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Denver. They are the co-directors of the Political Litigation Project at the University of Denver.mental case in Colorado history: a $28, 100, 000 verdict against ASARCO for the 567 families he represented.39 A month later the ... Sciences factory dismissed its three-month-old suit as soon as the judge granted a restraining order prohibiting the target from posting any more ... The aquot;priceaquot; of dropping the suit is targetsa#39; agreement to (1) stop their political campaign against filers (and, frequently, publiclyanbsp;...

Author:George William Pring, Penelope Canan
Publisher:Temple University Press - 1996-01


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