Sleeping Late On Judgement Day

Sleeping Late On Judgement Day

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Where does an angel go when he's been to Hell and back? Renegade angel Bobby Dollar does not have an easy afterlife. After surviving the myriad gruesome dangers Hell oh-so-kindly offered him, Bobby has returned empty-handed a€“ his demon girlfriend Casmira, the Countess of Cold Hands, is still in the clutches of Eligor, Grand Duke of Hell. Some hell of a rescue. Forced to admit his failure, Bobby ends up back at his job as an angel advocate. That is, until Walter, an old angel friend whom Bobby never thought hea€™d see again, shows up at the local bar. The last time he saw Walter was in Hell, when Walter had tried to warn him about one of Bobbya€™s angel superiors. But now Walter cana€™t remember anything, and Bobby doesna€™t know whom to trust. Turns out that there's corruption hidden within the higher ranks of Heaven and Hell, but the only proof Bobby has is a single feather. Before he knows it, hea€™s in the High Hall of Heavenly Judgement a€“ no longer a bastion for the moral high ground, if it ever was, but instead just another rigged system a€“ on trial for his immortal soul... Sleeping Late on Judgement Day is the third installment of Tad Williams' urban fantasy Bobby Dollar series!The Nightmare Children nearest us erupted in flame, like origami in a grease fire, and the air was suddenly filled with a howling so ... In the seconds after the first wave had melted into puddles of hair and twitching fingers (making an entirely new, astoundingly foul odor Ia#39;d never ... Even as I was swiping away with my blade at the nasty, faceless creatures in front of me, tiny fingers clawed at my pants leg.

Title:Sleeping Late On Judgement Day
Author:Tad Williams
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-09-02


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