Slim and Recovered

Slim and Recovered

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As an alternative therapist with limited knowledge, I actually have greater freedom and objectivity in performing my analyses, since I am not bound by the restrictions of the standard theories. For example, since the emergence of the idea that carbohydrates and excess calories are the causes of obesity, nearly all subsequent theories have involved carbo diets, carbo detox or low-calorie diets, calorie burning, and the like. However, my observations and practice over the past dozen years have proven that carbohydrates, fats, and sugar, and possibly blood type, affect body weight increase only when a person consumes greater than normal quantities. If dietary intake is too low (less than normal), thus not meeting the body's needs for cell growth, these factors have little or no influence. Why does the title of this book combine the words slim and recovered? Simply because in over 80 percent of obesity cases, the patients have other health problems as well. The most common complaint is acute or chronic gastric problems; others include vertigo, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart, liver and kidney problems, and menstrual difficulties. So we can see that excess body weight is closely related to other health complaints. In Slim and Recovered, Ping Wang analyzes the problems of being overweight and disease, based solely on his observations and experience in therapeutic practice. He limits the illnesses discussed here to those that have been handled with satisfactory results providing greater insight. The basic philosophy introduced in this book is that we should not consume more food than our digestive organs can handle, so that we can avoid obesity and other health problems; and we should not deceive ourselves by thinking that fruit, vegetables, and water will not make us fat. These cases are analyzed from a perspective that is unconventional, yet based on reality. Discover the answers to these difficult questions: Why do some people eat a lot, but stay slim? I consume low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie food and drink, and routinely exercise on the treadmill, why am I still overweight? Why do some vegetarians get high blood pressure and even suffer strokes? Why do some people have strokes when they're still very young? I regularly exercise with weights and equipment, why are my arms and legs getting larger, not smaller? My mother drinks plenty of water, why are her legs swollen and her uric acid levels so high?One thing that often makes dieting ineffective or even makes the dieter gain more weight is spicy food and/or acidic drinks. ... If youa#39;re serious about wanting to lose weight, you should cut out spicy food from your diet, or at least cut down asanbsp;...

Title:Slim and Recovered
Author:Ping Wang
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-04


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