Slime Squad Vs the Alligator Army

Slime Squad Vs the Alligator Army

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Plog, Furp, Zill and Danjo aren't just monsters in a rubbish dump. They are crime-busting super-monsters, here to save their whiffy world! There's a scary new super-villain about! Backed up by a monstrous army of mutant alligators, he's planning to take over Trashland. What a time for the Slime Squad to lose their special slimy powers . . . !a€œSo how do we get inside?a€ asked Danjo, lowering his icy shield. Plog threw a clod of mud at the door. This time nothing happened. a€œHmm, looks like the doora#39;s run out of zappower. Zill, try hitting it with another slime-line to make sure.

Title:Slime Squad Vs the Alligator Army
Author:Steve Cole
Publisher:Random House - 2014-03-27


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