Slippery Math In Public Affairs

Slippery Math In Public Affairs

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Highlighting how slippery numbers and questionable mathematical conclusions emerge and what can be done to safeguard against them, this book examines flawed usage of math in public affairs through actual cases of how mathematical data and conclusions can be distorted and misrepresented to influence public opinion. The author analyzes the cost of qslippery mathq in terms of squandered resources and identifies common misperceptions about the role of math in public affairs. He discusses how math education can be reformed to sharpen public awareness of qslippery mathq, the development of math models and their use and misuse, and proper and improper polling methods.A MATH MODEL FOR THE COST OF SMOKING To be sure, not everyone is prepared to follow in my frienda#39;s footsteps, but ... Take a pack and a half as an estimate of the average amount smoked per day, over 50 years, Jules thought it reasonable to ... If our smoker is sensitive about yellow teeth, he might require at least one extra cleaning a year at, Jules thought it reasonable to assume, $90 a cleaning.

Title:Slippery Math In Public Affairs
Author:William J. Adams
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-08-02


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