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Brash and apathetic to a fault, Detective Bobby Forsett retreats from a crumbling personal and professional world he fashioned around twenty-six years of dedicated police service. Seeking solace and personal redemption he finds himself pulled back by fading sentiments hea€™s trying to deny and vengeful forces intent on reminding him why he never should have left. Set amid the pristine forests and mountain grandeur that surround the gem of the Pacific Northwesta€™s urban coastal region, Vancouver Canada, the story offers glimpses into noble souls whose deeds are anything but, and callous tormentors whose intentions are all that and more. Bobby relentlessly pursues justice to the literal precipice rediscovering a commitment to past ideals and frayed emotional ties hea€™d considered relics of a past best forgotten.aquot;How long does he, the body, stay in there? ... The thought died in his throat as they entered a brighter yet still bleak looking room arrayed with three embalming tables, a womana#39;s obviously dead corpse laid out on the one nearest them, chest anbsp;...

Author:Scott William Wood
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2012-06-12


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