Slow Burn: City of Stin, Book 7

Slow Burn: City of Stin, Book 7

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Kill the infection! Kill the Infected! In the aftermath of the battle for Monka€™s Island, Murphy has been nursing Zed back to health in a remote house at the west end of the lake. But every day they see helicopters cross the sky, heading south and then back north again. Zed wonders if the helicopters are proof that not all civilization has collapsed. He convinces Murphy to seek out the place where the helicopters are landing so they can find the answer to that question. What they find at the end of their journey is both more dangerous and hopeful than either would ever have guessed. The Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 1 a€“ Zero Day Book 2 a€“ Infected Book 3 a€“ Destroyer Book 4 a€“ Dead Fire Book 5 a€“ Torrent Book 6 a€“ Bleed Book 7 a€“ City of Stin Keywords: zombie, zombies, zombie books, zombie books free, zombie apocalypse, zombie series, zombie fiction, zombie defense, zombie highway, zombie killer, zombie outbreak, zombies book, ebook, book, infection, virus, contagion, pandemic, apocalypse, apocalyptic fiction, post apocalyptic series, post apocalyptic fiction, post-apocalyptic, post apocalyptic, post apocalyptic books, post-apocalypse books, undead, dystopian, dystopian fiction, dystopian books, dystopian science fiction, dystopia, the walking dead, walking dead, horror, science fiction, dark fantasy, action, adventure, world war z, i am legend, maze runner, divergent, joe hill, maze runner, divergent, the zombie survival guide, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, the remaining, after the shock, contamination, Max Brooks, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, DJ Molles, scott nicholson, jonathan maberry, T.W. Piperbrook, Mark Tufo, richard matheson, george romeroAt the intersection on the southwest corner of the mansion, an area where the guards in the deer blinds wouldna#39;t be able to see me, ... The fence along two sides of the mansion had been almost completely knocked over, and weeds had grown waist high through the wrought iron. ... It was clear that when the Whites overwhelmed the police outside, the monsters had poured in through the windows and theanbsp;...

Title:Slow Burn: City of Stin, Book 7
Author:Bobby Adair
Publisher:Bobby Adair - 2015-06-13


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