Small Animal Practice Client Handouts

Small Animal Practice Client Handouts

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Morgana€™s Small Animal Practice Client Handouts combines a book and CD-ROM to include 450 educational handouts that cover everything your clients need to know about their peta€™s condition. Content ranges from basic descriptions of illnesses and frequent signs to preventive measures and expected outcomes, all on a single page. Give your clients an educational resource to help them understand what their peta€™s illness is, how it will affect the animala€™s regular routine (as well as their own), and when they need to contact the veterinary office for consultation. CD can be uploaded to more than one computer allowing for simultaneous use in the exam room and/or front desk. Single page handouts are presented in a practical, easy-to-understand format that does not overwhelm the client. Perforated pages facilitate easy storage, retrieval, and quick access for copying. Organized alphabetically and by body system enabling you to quickly locate the information you need. Customizable handouts on the CD let you adapt the look and content of all documents to reflect the practicea€™s identity and address specific concerns of each client. Spanish versions on the CD help you communicate with Spanish-speaking clients. Advanced search function on the CD lets you search for information by topic, species, word, or phrase. 100 printable images on the CD facilitate discussion with clients about their peta€™s condition and save you time in explanation.Description Bladder stones (cystoliths, cystic calculi) are physical aggregations of minerals and other substances in the bladder. ... Calcium oxalate stones occur with higher frequency in certain breeds of dogs, such as the miniature schnauzer, shih tzu, ... After removal, the urine is kept dilute (watery) by feeding moist food, and urine pH is maintained in the alkaline range to help prevent recurrence.

Title:Small Animal Practice Client Handouts
Author:Rhea V. Morgan
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2010-02-26


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