Small-Town Secrets

Small-Town Secrets

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Kendall's in for a shock. Two, actually. Gabe Townsend has a lot of nerve to show up after seven years and book in to her B and B. It hadn't been easy for Kendall Van Allen to move on after her husband was killed. But she'd persevered, picking up the pieces, running a successful business and raising two girls on her own. She's put aside the guilt over her part in Carter's death. But she'll never forgive herselfa€b or Gabe. And Gabe hasn't even told her the whole truth. But the more he's around Kendall and the children, the more he grows to love them and want what's best for them. Can he really tell them the truth?Can we practice tomorrow?a€ a€œWea#39;ll see.a€ He nudged her toward the soccer field, where two teams of girls were running up and down the field. a€œLeta#39;s watch your ... A defender came close, and Shelby executed the scissors move hea#39;d taught her.

Title:Small-Town Secrets
Author:Margaret Watson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-10-17


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