Smart from the Start

Smart from the Start

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Smart from the Start Money is an easy to understand and necessary book for people entering the real world. In a conversational, easy-to-read style, this book covers common financial decisions young people often face when first starting out on their own. Smart from the Start Money is uniquely written so each chapter covers a common financial situation. Need advice on buying a car or renting an apartment? Don't understand your insurance deductible or 401(k) options? Confused by all the fine print on your credit card statement? This book has it covered ... and then some. This book is not for: People who like wasting money and getting ripped-off People who like complex theories and confusing charts This book is for: Anyone who is ready to enter the real world Anyone who wants common sense personal finance explanations Anyone confused by mortgages, employee benefits, or taxes Anyone who wants to have fun and make the most of their money Take advantage of their knowledge and experience to help you make better financial decisions. Author Bio: Brad Kronland and Rob Roach have over 25 years of combined experience in the banking and financial services industry. In that time they have advised their clients through many different types of financial issues and problems regarding corporate and personal finance. Fresh out of college though, it was a different story. While both received bachelor's degrees in finance, they both found they were just as clueless as their friends who had no formal finance training at all. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience they gained over the years so you can make better financial decisions, keep more of your money, and have more fun! keywords: Personal Finance, Money Management, Graduation, Buying, Renting, Real-World, Finance For Grads, How-ToMaximum out of pocket is the most that you will be required to pay for medical expenses over the year. For instance leta#39;s assume ... like a lot of money, huh?). The primary reason is that the premiums are usually much cheaper than other plans.

Title:Smart from the Start
Author:Brad Kronland, Rob Roach
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2012-07-01


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