Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

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Without a sound, the pristine field of snow gave way, breaking apart like cracked glass. It raced down the mountain at seventy miles per hour, unearthing boulders, snapping old-growth trees, and shredding bark from the trunks. It also collected bodies. When sixteen of the country's best skiers and snowboarders headed to a renowned out-of-bounds ski area in Washington State on February 19, 2012, they were aware of the high risk posed by avalanches. Still, they took the deadly gamblea€”and lost. As acclaimed qNew York Timesq reporter and Pulitzer Prize finalist John Branch writes in this harrowing tale of disaster and survival, qthe very thing the skiers and snowboarders had soughta€”fresh, soft snowa€”instantly became the enemy.q In less than a minute, Tunnel Creek turned from a playground into an icy tomb. Like the adventure classics qInto Thin Airq and qThe Perfect Storm, q Branch's story of the Tunnel Creek avalanche follows the seemingly innocuous events and missteps that carried the victims ever closer to tragedy. By the time the group arrived on the mountaintop, the sense of foreboding was palpable. Unlike a storm, however, an avalanche gives no warning. What slight movement could have triggered the massive slide? It's impossible to say. With horrifying detail, Branch describes the feeling of being swept away and then buried by tons of snow and ice. Miraculously, some survived. Others didn't, and Branch paints wrenching portraits of those vibrant men who would never return home. Recognized as a master storyteller with keen insight into those who are drawn to risk, John Branch delivers a pulse-pounding story that will forever change the way we look at so-called peaceful snowy landscapes.She did not know how long she had been frozen therea€”head pointed downhill, hands sticking out of the snow, facepoking through theicejust enough to breathe and see the breaking clouds trailing the weekenda#39;s storm. Her hip ached.

Title:Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek
Author:John Branch
Publisher:Byliner - 2014-10-23


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