Snow in July

Snow in July

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a€œA stark and powerful portrait of a family flawed by addiction and betrayal; a family redeemed by love. Heather Barbieri writes with raw honesty and true compassion. This is a novel that stays with you well beyond the last page.a€a€”Binnie Kirshenbaum, author ofAn Almost Perfect Moment a€œHeather Barbieri has crafted a beautiful coming-of-age novel set among the abandoned mines of Butte, Montana. Two sisters try climbing a ladder that doesn't exist, and swirl within the landscape that is as pitted as their lives, hoping in the end to just survive the shattered world that has consumed them.Snow in Julyis a step into the dark underpinning cosmos of small town America, where love is the only Band-Aid for a broken world.a€a€”Michael Hornburg, author ofDowners GroveandBongwater All of Erina€™s life, her sister has eclipsed her, stolen her boyfriends and commanded the familya€™s attention with one meteoric crisis or another. Meghan was always smarter, prettier, more daring and dynamic. As a child, she could charm her way out of any situation, usually leaving Erin to shoulder the blame for their various transgressions. But Meghan has been gone for years, and now Erin is anxious to leave Butte behind her, too; to go East to art school, or West to Los Angeles to become a jewelry designera€”anywhere, so long as ita€™s far from Butte, Montana. Then Meghan, a single mother with a six-year-old daughter and an infant, unexpectedly returns, again expecting Erin and their mother to solve her problems. But this time there are other people involved, no easy solution to those problems and no one else to blame. Meghan is now addicted to men, danger and drugs. She is the worlda€™s a€œmost frequent flier.a€ Little Teensy and baby Si-Si are lonely and endangered. When Meghana€™s attempts to stay clean falter, the responsibility for the children becomes Erina€™s. But how much can she be expected to sacrifice for her niecesa€™ well-being? Can she find fulfillment and happiness, even in Butte? Heather Barbierilives with her husband and three young children in Seattle, Washington.Snow in Julyis her first novel.Or maybe you just got licked, aquot; she snorts, almost losing her balance again, she laughs so hard. aquot;Get it?aquot; aquot;Yeah. I get it.aquot; Ia#39;m not letting her ... All she needs is a long cigarette holder and shea#39;d look as goth as Cruella de Ville. aquot;Because I wasanbsp;...

Title:Snow in July
Author:Heather Doran Barbieri
Publisher:Soho PressInc - 2004


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