Snow on the Pine

Snow on the Pine

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Snow on the Pine presents a compelling view of the Japanese foreign policy that runs counter to the common wisdom reducing Japan''s post-war efforts to the pursuit of purely commercial interests. This book takes a new approach - the eventual Japanese defeat in the Second World War did not transform Japan into an exceptional state seeking only economic interests. Like any other nations, economic issues have always played a crucial role in policy decisions. However, this is but only one amongst the many interweaving threads determining foreign policy decisions. In the authors'' eyes, Japan''s foreign policy is characterized by the drive to dominate and influence the East Asia region, which has been a consistent motivation since the days of the Meiji restoration. Thus, the post-war period in this analysis provides a continuation rather than a break with the country''s previous history. Tactics, and even strategies, may have changed over time to meet the challenges of the ever evolving economic and political environments but the overall objective has essentially remained constant. The snow melts, but the pine endures.Japana#39;s Quest for a Leadership Role in Asia Kyoko Hatakeyama, Craig Freedman ... With the last quarter for 2008 showing an economy contracting at an annualized rate of 12.7 percent, the worst since the ... The very keystones of the Japanese economy, Toyota, Nissan, and Sony planned to idle capacity and lay- off employees. ... Clearly, as 2009 began, Japan faced economic difficulties certainly rivaling those of its post-bubble decade and perhaps problems essentially more serious.

Title:Snow on the Pine
Author:Kyoko Hatakeyama, Craig Freedman
Publisher:World Scientific - 2014-05-14


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