Snowboard Showdown

Snowboard Showdown

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Freddie and his brother Dondi have always been competitive. Dondi has a job, money to spend, and girls chasing after him, and now he can even drive! But Freddie knows that he has something his brother does not: better snowboarding moves, more daring runs, and overall more advanced techniques. When Dondi challenges his brother to a run clown the very dangerous Devil's Ravine, Freddie knows his brother has raised the stakes of their competition too high. Yet he is left with a problem: does he accept Dondi's challenge and potentially hurt himself, or does he back away? If Freddie is leery of Devil's Ravine, then how will Dondi fare on the slopes? The run is very risky, and Freddie must now decide if this brotherly competition, and opportunity to outshine his brother, is really worth it.a€œHey, you dona#39;t like it, you can goget yourownjob, a€ Dondi suggested. a€œYouknow Ia#39; m not oldenough, a€ ... He meant his snowboard, which had those words emblazoned on it in glittery neon orange. ... His parents had found it at a garage sale for ten dollars. ... He knewhe could besomuch better with a prime piece of equipment.

Title:Snowboard Showdown
Author:Matt Christopher
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-12-19


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