So Much To Tell

So Much To Tell

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Kaye Webb, a journalist with no publishing experience, burst into the world of children's books in 1961 and changed the face of children's publishing forever. Her child-like enthusiasm and shrewd business mind led her to become Puffin's most successful editor and the genius behind the Puffin Club, which opened up the exciting world of authors and books to children across Britain. But whilst Kaye's professional life had worked out beautifully, her private life had been the reverse. Kaye had two husbands before her marriage to the artist Ronald Searle, and the torment of his sudden and shocking departure never left her. Yet to the outside world Kaye Webb remained passionate and unstoppable. This is the unknown story of the woman who brought the joy of books to children everywhere whilst battling the emotional pain that plagued her private life.Practical books sold best: titles like Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps. Aircraft Recognition by R. A. Saville-Sneath remained the all-time bestselling Penguin, until Lady Chatterleya#39;s Lover in 1960. Penguina#39;s ... Lane displayed a#39;a childlike enthusiasma#39; for Carringtona#39;s picture-books and distributed them as Puffin Picture Books in 1940. The four ... These would be buried underground, to be dug up either fifty or 100 years hence: the heirs of the a#39;Puffin Guardiansa#39; would decide which.

Title:So Much To Tell
Author:Valerie Grove
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2010-05-06


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