So the Path Does Not Die

So the Path Does Not Die

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Protagonist Fina's search for happiness and belonging begins on the night of her aborted circumcision and continues through her teenage years in Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital; her twenties in the Washington Metropolitan Area; and ends with her return to Sierra Leone to work as an advocate for war-traumatized children. The novel explores the problems she encounters in each setting against the backdrop of the tensions, ambiguities, and fragmentation of the stranger/immigrant condition and the characters' struggles to clarify their ideas about qhomeq and qabroad.q Fina's circumcision gets significant, though not sensational, play in the different attitudes toward the practice between her and her fiance Cammy, a Trinidadian urologist. The differences complicate their relationship at a time when skeletons from their pasts threaten their impending marriage. The stories of Fina's friend, African-American Aman and her fiance, Nigerian Bayo; of Edna (Fina's foster sister) and her husband Kizzy; and of Mawaf, a war-traumatized teen, unfold in subplots that merge with the main plot and overarching theme of belonging as characters straddle qhomeq and qabroadq places.She did not wear Kente cloth and kaftans only to attend African art shows, festivals, and Sunday church services. She did not celebrate Kwanzaa only to assert her difference or make a political statement. She did not plan a-once-in-a- lifetimeanbsp;...

Title:So the Path Does Not Die
Author:Pede Hollist
Publisher:African Books Collective - 2012


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