So You Want to Be a Landlord

So You Want to Be a Landlord

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Are you wanting to invest in real estate but are worried about how to manage property and deal with tenants? My 25 years as a landlord has given me the stories and the experience to write a how-to book that reads like a novel. Why make your own costly landlording mistakes when you can learn from mine? This easy-to-read book takes a fun, yet practical, run through all the necessities of landlording. The stories give a humorous look at what can happen. One tenant thinks it's OK to cut a cat door in the front door of her no-pets apartment. Mr. Tree Hater poisons a heritage elm so he won't have to rake leaves. The Getting it Right section of each chapter tells what needs to be done to manage each area of your rentals from pets to evictions, followed by a Checklist of the steps to success. All the Rental Forms you will need are included, ready to duplicate and use. So You Want to be a Landlord? Good for you! With this easy-to-read landlording guide, you and your tenants will both be winners.The first, thing to decide is how much rent you will charge for each rental unit, whether it be an apartment or a house. Rents should be based on what units are going for in your area as well as the investment you have in your rental property. A rule of thumb you often see used is that you want to get 1% of the market value of your rental each month. ... Do you pay for any utilities, provide a gardener?

Title:So You Want to Be a Landlord
Author:Patricia Hartmann
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-03-01


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