Soap Making Recipes

Soap Making Recipes

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Soap is very essential in people's lives as this is used for personal hygiene which leads to and contributes to perfect health and a germ-protected body. Like other things, soap also undergoes a process before it became useful for whatever your purpose is. This process is called the soap making process and this refers to the act of making soap which may entail manual process or machine process. There are lots of benefits with the soap making process especially when you make soap on your own and one is the fact that it makes a good hobby. Since you are making your own soap, there is a feeling of satisfaction on your part brought about by your ability and success in making something useful out of your spare time.After everything is set and all ingredients and supplies are prepared, you cannow moveon totheactual soap making process. ... Castor Oil (at least 5%) Oil or waterbased titanium dioxide (to make the soap whiter) Lye Your preferred fragrance oils and essential oils Soap Molds ... After it melts, mix it with the liquid oil mixture.

Title:Soap Making Recipes
Author:Angela Pierce
Publisher:Speedy Publishing LLC - 2013-09-12


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