Soccer in Spain

Soccer in Spain

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Soccer has the unique ability to represent and strengthen different cultural identities and ideologies throughout the world. Perhaps nowhere can this be seen more prominently than in Spain, which has surged to the forefront of the worlda€™s most popular sport. The national team has won the last two European Championships and the 2010 World Cup, while the two preeminent club teams in Spain, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, have reached the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Even before the sport became a global phenomenon, soccer had established a strong connection with Spanish identity and culture. In Soccer in Spain: Politics, Literature, and Film, Timothy J. Ashton examines the sporta€™s association with Spanish culture and society. In this volume, Ashton demonstrates how Spaina€™s soccer clubs reflected the politics of the region they represented and continue to reflect them today. The author also explores the often-tenuous relationship between the intellectual classes and the soccer community in Spain. Although some of the countrya€™s most highly-praised literary figures had a passion for soccera€”which was often reflected in their worka€”many intellectuals deemed the topic unsuitable for critical study. Ashton also discusses how soccer films faced a similar rebuff from Spanish intellectuals, though the popularity of these films has grown in recent years. As soccer continues to be one of the modern worlda€™s most significant representations of globalization, its importance as a cultural touchpoint cannot be ignored. For anyone wanting to learn more about the relationship between soccer, politics, and popular culture, this volume offers critical insights. Soccer in Spain is a valuable read for students and scholars of Spanish political history, literature, film, and sport.Spain did, however, win the European Championship in 1964, and in 1984 they reached the final match again but were defeated by ... Jorge Valdano, who played at Real Madrid with the Vulturea#39;s Five and whom many refer to as the aquot; Socceranbsp;...

Title:Soccer in Spain
Author:Timothy J. Ashton
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2013-09-12


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