Social Activism in Southeast Asia

Social Activism in Southeast Asia

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qBrings together cutting-edge accounts of social movements concerned with civil and political rights, globalization, peace, the environment, migrant and factory labour, the rights of middle- and working-class women, and sexual identity in an overarching framework of analysis that forefronts the importance of human rights and the state as a focus for social activism in a region characterized by a history of authoritarian developmentalism and weak civil societyq--Provided by publisher.Michele Ford ... Burmese migrant workers, the focus of this chapter, are routinely portrayed as victims of the military regime, who shall ... The social, political and economic malaise in Myanmar is well documented, and represents a starting point to ... Yet migration a€“ in itself is a major form of agency exercised by workers around the world (Hardt and Negri 2000) a€“ is all ... Mainstream views of a#39;push and pulla#39; factors, which have left a deep imprint on analyses of Burmese migrant issues inanbsp;...

Title:Social Activism in Southeast Asia
Author:Michele Ford
Publisher:Routledge - 2013


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